Gulmarg Cable Car Plunge Kills Seven

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A pine tree fell onto a cable car in a ski resort in Kashmir, snapping the car from the cable and sending it plunging at least 100 feet to the ground.

Seven people, including four members of a family from Delhi, were killed when a cable car came crashing down at a famous tourist resort of Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday.

The cable car, known as the Gulmarg gondola, is one of Kashmir’s top attractions.

Director Tourism, Kashmir, Mahmood A Shah, said, “The heavy winds uprooted the tree that later fell on ropes between tower number 7 & 8 of the Cable Car Project. One cabin got derailed from its pulley and crashed down resulting in the tragic death of seven people.”.

The cable car fell from a height of at least 30 metres (100 feet) after derailing from the pulley.

The cable car at Gulmarg takes passengers to a height of 4,100 metres (13,450 feet) for panoramic views of the Himalayas. It is the favourite choice for tourists and locals visiting the Gulmarg.

Shah said among the seven dead were four members of a family from Delhi.

Two local guides were also killed in the incident.

Immediately after the cable car crashed, authorities launched an operation to rescue those stuck in the gondolas, rescuing 150 stranded people.

The injured were sent to the hospital.

A police official said the cable car was later restored.

It was the first time since the cable car began operations that an accident has taken place.