Shell Removes Standees Following Men’s Offensive Poses

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You will be missing the presence of Shell’s mineral water girl at your favourite petrol station.

Shell staff Nor Shafila Khairusalleh, 25, became an Internet sensation after a cut-out of her holding a mineral water bottle went viral on social media. It even earned her the nickname “Gadis Air Mineral Shell” (Shell’s mineral water girl).

She became even more famous when she was featured promoting Shell fuel.

Shafila’s life-size cut-out created quite a buzz on social media as Shell customers shared photos saying that they were shocked to see it for the first time as Shafila’s face appears to pop out of the blue, being positioned next to the petrol booths.

Some claimed it was creepy to see the standee at night as it is unexpected.

Shafila is back in the news again, but for the wrong reasons.

Various photos have been making the rounds on social media of misbehaving men who thought it a lark to take suggestive shots posing with the cut-out. Poses included holding hands with the cut-out, kissing its cheek, and even grabbing at the breast.

The distasteful shots have riled many people who accused the men of being vulgar and sexist.

Shafila was reported saying that she was upset by men “molesting” her likeness.

The petrol station supervisor told mStar Online, The Star’s Malay portal, that she could expect people taking amusing pictures with the standees. She could even accept men who posed kissing or hugging her likeness, but not if they went overboard as it would be akin to sexual harassment.

“They may just be joking, but I feel ashamed because that is still myself although it is just an image,” Shafila was quoted saying.

According to Shafila, her husband was distressed seeing men “molest” his wife’s image, but he remains an understanding partner.

One of the men involved has since apologised for his actions in a video.

Today, Shell announced that all promotional standees featuring Shafila will be removed from its petrol stations nationwide.

“We do not condone this disrespectful act, which is completely against the culture of Malaysians and Shell’s core values. We urge netizens and members of the public to refrain from sharing these images further,” the oil and gas company said in a statement.