Single Mum Uber Driver Nabbed for String of Thefts at Mosque

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A 38-year-old single mother of four children admits stealing RM20,000 worth of valuables while women were performing their prayers in a mosque and a surau.

  • Suspect is a mother of 4 children, aged 7 to 17, one of them disabled
  • Resorted to stealing to pay off Ah Long debts
  • Involved in at least 20 theft cases
  • Prior record of possessing stolen property, theft, drug offences

The ride-sharing driver was arrested on Nov 21 over her alleged involvement in a series of theft cases at the Al Malik Khalid Mosque of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

The suspect was detained at 6pm by the university’s security department after having been caught red-handed before she was handed over to the police.

Northeast district police chief ACP Anuar Omar said further investigations revealed she had also been involved in theft cases at the Penang Hospital (HPP).

“The woman operated on her own and targeted the USM mosque and HPP surau to steal handbags and valuables of female members of the congregation while performing their prayers.

 “Based on police investigations, the woman was involved in at least 20 theft cases at the mosque and surau,” Anuar said.

The woman reportedly told police she had stolen RM20,000 worth of items since January.

Anuar said she had a prior record of possessing stolen property, committing theft, possession of dangerous drugs and self-administration of dangerous drugs.

He added that her children are aged between 7 and 17, with one of them disabled.

“During interrogation, she told us she only targeted expensive items such as handbags, jewellery and mobile phones.

“She said some of the items were pawned for money,” Anuar told reporters at a press conference yesterday.

Anuar revealed that officers seized two pawn notes, four mobile phone shop sale receipts, three handbags of various brands and a mobile phone.

According to Anuar, the woman said she resorted to stealing to pay off her Ah Long (loan shark) debts of RM10,000.

The suspect, who tested positive for drugs, has been remanded until Friday. She is being investigated under Section 380 of the Penal Code for theft.