Speaker: MPs Using Abusive Language Will Be Dismissed from Dewan Rakyat

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Any Member of Parliament who has been found to be verbally abusive will be subjected to stern action, including being suspended from attending a sitting at the Dewan Rakyat for a period of time.

Dewan Rakyat Speaker, Tan Sri Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof said the action was taken to create a peaceful atmosphere in the Dewan Rakyat while the MPs were speaking.

“Anyone who creates a commotion in this hall and uses profane language would be taken action against, regardless of which party he belongs to. All Members of Parliament shall abide by the rules of the sitting.

“If anyone utters words like ‘stupid’ and refuses to retract when they are reprimanded or asked by the Speaker or Deputy Speaker to do so and continue to cause a stir, I shall do as advised by many that is to suspend them for a period of time, “he said.

Tanjung Karang Member of Parliament Tan Sri Noh Omar was reported to have said the word ‘idiot’ at Jelutong Member of Parliament RSN Rayer for interrupting him when Noh was debating the 2020 Supply Bill or Budget 2020 on Oct 16.

Rayer was also said to have spoken bad words to Noh when he interrupted during the debate.

Following this, Mohamad Ariff yesterday ordered the two MPs to retract the disrespectful remarks that were thrown out at one another.