Sultan denounces ‘unfair’ share of vaccines for Selangor

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It is “unfair” to allot only 600,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine to the country’s most populous state, said Selangor ruler Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah said today.


He was “shocked” to learn from the Covid-19 immunisation task force (CITF) that as of June, Selangor had received only 615,210 doses instead of the 2.9 million that was pledged.

“His Highness stresses that it is unfair that the vaccine to 6.5 million population ratio is unbalanced.

“His Highness would also like to remind that Selangor is the nation’s biggest gross domestic product contributor and hence should be given due priority,” the Ruler’s private secretary Datuk Mohamad Munir Bani said in a statement on Tuesday (June 8).

“The sultan urges the special committee on Covid-19 vaccine supply o hasten and increase the number of doses supplied to Selangor.

“In the present situation, people’s lives must be given priority over other agendas,” the head of state decreed.

The Selangor government recently disputed the CITF’s claim that 2.9 million vaccine doses had been handed to the state, which the team subsequently admitted was erroneous. It said the number included the jabs in storage which were awaiting distribution to the state.

Sultan Sharafuddin called for more vaccination centres to be established, particularly in rural areas while also expressing support for drive-through and mobile facilities to deliver the shots.

Mohamad Munir said the sultan believed that drive-through vaccination centres and mobile clinics can speed up the process and widen coverage.

“His Highness praises the Selangor government’s current move of aggressively carrying out free Covid-19 swab tests for people throughout the state.

“His Highness also advises everyone who has received the Covid-19 vaccination to constantly be cautious,” said Mohamad Munir.

The ruler also said he was disappointed in the people who were against vaccination.

“His Highness is disappointed and does not agree with anti-vaccine groups. His Highness hopes that people will not be influenced by such twisted thinking. The vaccine can save lives and entire communities.

“His Highness is worried that if there were still individuals and groups that are stubborn (about receiving) the Covid-19 vaccination, the target to get herd immunity will not be achieved and this would place the country in a more difficult and dangerous pandemic crisis,” said Mohamad Munir.

He added that Sultan Sharafuddin was also saddened by the high number of daily positive cases in Selangor with a cumulative figure of some 203,520 cases and 961 deaths as of Monday (June 7).

He added that the sultan also urged the people to abide by the movement control order rules stipulated by the government such as staying home and using face masks, observing social distancing and always taking care of personal hygiene.

“His Highness would also like to thank all frontliners in government and private hospitals as well as health clinics who are working hard in carrying out their responsibilities with full commitment and dedication to ensure public health is always protected,” Mohamad Munir said.

He also said the sultan hoped the people would appreciate the frontliners’ sacrifices and give full cooperation to efforts to control and eradicate the pandemic.