Teenage Boy Caught on Video Beating Mother for Money

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A video capturing a teenager beating his mother for money was widely spread on social media yesterday.

Updated: It was over a mere RM2 that the teen lost his temper when his mother refused to give. He then tried to grab RM17 from her before turning violent. The family claimed this was the first time such an incident occurred. A urine test of the boy came back negative for drugs.

The 42-second footage showed the boy, wearing what appeared to be a school uniform, repeatedly punching the arm of a woman and demanding money from her.

The woman was heard crying “sakitlah” (it’s painful), after the boy hit her on the arm while spewing profanities.

The boy said “bagi semua” (give all) while pointing to the woman’s handbag.

The voice of an elderly woman in the background was heard telling off the boy.

The victim was then heard saying: “ni je yang ada” (this is all I have)…“orang nak bawa pergi kerja” (am taking to work). The boy appeared to insist that she gave him the money.

Ampang Jaya police chief Assistant Commissioner Hamzah Alias said the incident happened at a flat in the district at about 7am on Sept 26, the New Straits Times reported.

“The clip was recorded by the man’s daughter who then sent the video to him.

“Later, the man sent the video to the boy’s teacher, hoping that the teacher would advise the boy on his bad behaviour,” said Hamzah.

Facebook user ‘Jejaka Sereng’ uploaded the video on Facebook, which then went viral and sparked outrage among netizens.

Hamzah said the boy’s father’s had filed a police report for fear of his family’s safety after many people contacted him to ask about the incident. However, he requested that no further action be taken on his 15-year-old son.

Jejaka Sereng subsequently posted an apology to the man’s family on his Facebook for uploading the video but by then other users had shared the clip on social media.

Hamzah said police had recorded statements from the woman and the boy, and also taken the urine sample of the teenager to test for drugs.