Two Suspected Child Abuse Deaths by Blunt Force Trauma to Head

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A child aged between four and five dumped in Kepong drain, and a two-year-old Indon girl from Bidor.

Case #1:

  • Cracked skull
  • Bruises on legs and arms
  • Body about two weeks old, highly decomposed
  • An individual came forward to identify the body, DNA being matched to child’s

Case #2:

  • Brain haemorrhage
  •  Mother and boyfriend arrested under murder charge

Police say a toddler whose body was found in a plastic bag and dumped in a drain in Kepong was murdered. The post-mortem showed the cause of death to be blunt force trauma to the head.

According to City Criminal Investigations Department chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Rusdi Mohd Isa, the post-mortem results also found the child had bruises on both legs and arms, The Malay Mail Online reported.

“The skull was cracked. The bruises were found to have also been inflicted by a blunt object,” Rusdi said.

He added that the unidentified child died between 10 and 14 days ago, and was aged between four and five years.

He revealed that an individual had come forward to identify the body but could not do so because of the advanced stage of decomposition.

“We have taken a DNA sample from this person to see if it matches the child’s DNA,” Rusdi said.

On Thursday, a foreign worker cleaning a drain at Kampung Chin Lee, off Jalan Kepong, detected a stench and found a plastic bag containing the child’s body in the drain.

The child was fully clothed and wearing a diaper.

In another case of suspected child abuse where death was also due to blunt force trauma to the head, police have detained a woman and her boyfriend in Ipoh.

In this incident, a two-year-old Indonesian girl died from brain haemorrhage on Wednesday morning while being taken to the Teluk Intan Hospital from Kuala Bikam in Bidor.

In a statement yesterday, Perak police chief Datuk Hasnan Hassan said the suspects were arrested on Thursday and ordered to be held under remand for a week to facilitate investigations.

The case is being investigated under Section 302 for murder, which carries the mandatory death sentence upon conviction.