Two Suspects of Snatch Theft in Front of Ipoh House Arrested

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Police have nabbed two men believed to be suspects involved in a snatch theft incident in front of a house at Desa Chemor Permai, Ipoh.

A video of the incident which went viral on social media shows a pillion rider alighting from a motorcycle and trying to snatch a gold necklace from a woman.

The victim, a 34-year-old clerk who was riding a motorcycle herself, stopped in front of a house at 7pm.

A man suddenly appeared from behind and attempted to snatch her gold chain. The victim tried to fight off the thief and in the ensuing struggle, she fell to the ground.

The victim’s screams for help alerted her husband who rushed out of the house and gave chase.

He managed to catch the thief before the suspect fought back, pushing the man to the ground.

Catching up with his accomplice riding a motorcycle a short distance ahead, the suspect hopped onto the bike and both men fled the scene.

It was reported that the suspect failed to take any valuables from the victim.

A police report was lodged at the Kuala Kuang police station on Oct 25.

Police picked up two men yesterday and today to facilitate investigations.

Both of the suspects reportedly have previous records – one for a drug-related offence and the other for a criminal offence.

They have been remanded until Oct 31 and Nov 2.