Umany Lodges Police Report on Members Threatened with Death, Rape, Acid Attack

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Members of the University Malaya Association of New Youth (Umany) have received death threat messages, including rape threats on its female members.

President Yap Wen Qing said members of the student movement group have received calls from unknown individuals since Wednesday.

“It started on Wednesday when our members received graphic descriptions of rape and death threat with their identification cards used in the description.

“The contact included rape threats against our female members and the use of acid on us as well as on our family members.


“The threat went as far as killing, use of vulgar and racist remarks,” said Yap.

He said nine Umany members had received these threats.

Umany recently caused controversy after the group said in a statement that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong should not meddle in political matters.

Meanwhile, Yap said that the group has lodged a police report and urged the cops to prioritise the case as well as to ensure the safety of the students.

Accompanying the group at the Petaling Jaya police district headquarters was Umany’s former president, Wong Yan Ke, who has been charged with disobeying a police order to stop broadcasting a police raid on Yap’s house live on Facebook.

“We are deeply concerned whether there was any data or security breach that has compromised Umany members’ personal information.

“This is a serious breach of digital security and personal safety. These threatening phone calls and messages have caused psychological distress among Umany members and their family members.

“Students who merely expressed their academic opinions protected by the constitution should not be subjected to cyber violence and therefore the police should begin their investigation immediately to guarantee their personal safety,” said Yap.

One of the messages sent to the Umany members was a photo collage of a murdered woman with the text “You want the same fate as Kenny (sic) Ong?”.

This is believed to be in reference to Canny Ong, a woman who was raped and murdered in 2003.

Yap had previously said that the statement on the king was made purely on academic grounds.

The group has since apologised to the Agong for posting a statement questioning the ruler’s powers.

Umany also withdrew its statement published on October 30 on its social media channels.