Waiter Slips and Spills Piping Hot Broth on Boy

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A dining experience turned into a horrifying ordeal for young boy splashed with bubbling hot broth.

A video of a scalding incident believed to have happened in China has gone viral on Chinese social media sites.

The footage shows a little boy and his parents at a hotpot restaurant, with the boy using a mobile phone at the table as a waiter holding a large pot of broth approaches the family.

As he is close to the table, the waiter suddenly slips and drops the pot of steaming hot broth on the table.

The broth splashes onto the boy’s face and body.

The parents react immediately, with the mother swiftly grabbing the boy out of his seat.

The boy’s father also quickly dashes over to check on his son.

The boy was reportedly badly scalded.

Chinese netizens took to Weibo to speak up for the waiter, saying that it was not the waiter’s fault and it was purely an accident.

Instead, they blamed the restaurant for not ensuring that the floor was not slippery.