What Is Known So Far about Terror Attacks in Spain

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Spain is under siege, not just one terror attack but several related incidents.

  • Five terrorists killed in Cambrils in second planned terror attack in Spain
  • 13 killed, 100 injured in Barcelona van attack, death toll expected to rise
  • Graphic videos show dead bodies strewn on the ground
  • Two suspects arrested
  • One teen suspect talked about killing infidels on social media
  • ISIS claimed responsibility for van attack
  • ISIS supporters celebrated terror attack posting sick messages
  • Spain PM calls van attack “jihadist terrorism”
  • In a related incident, one person died in an explosion in a house in Catalonia

Early this morning, eight hours after the van attack in Las Ramblas, an Audi A3 car hit pedestrians in Cambrils, a city 120km south of Barcelona. Six civilians and one police officer were injured in the incident.

Five terrorists were killed by police, who revealed that the terrorists were carrying bomb belts.

Police believe the van and car attacks are linked.

On Thursday, a white van jumped a curb and mowed into dozens of people in Las Ramblas, a pedestrian mall and large tourist attraction in Barcelona, Spain.

The most recent reports said 13 people were killed and another 100 injured. Catalonia’s regional interior chief Joaquim Forn told The AP, “Unfortunately the number of fatalities will likely rise.”

Emergency response teams flooded the area to treat the injured, while downtown areas were evacuated and subway stops near the area closed.

Graphic video and photographs posted on social media showed many people lying motionless on the ground, some in pools of blood.

The van driver was seen fleeing on foot from the scene.

A witness called Angel said he had seen the attacker close up and described him as “a young man, maximum 25 years old, chestnut brown hair and skinny.”

Others described him as about 5ft 6in tall and wearing a blue and white striped top.

Another witness, Isaac, said: “The person was accelerating. He mounted the pavement to run people over. We saw the van passing by running people over at 50 miles an hour. It was as if it was driving through a field of corn.”

A taxi driver told Catalan TV station TV3, “The van was doing zigzags knocking over everyone he could. It was shocking.”

Police said the attack was designed “to kill as many people as possible”.

In the aftermath of the attack, police circulated an image of Driss Oukabir, a 28-year-old Moroccan living in Catalan, saying he had rented out a second van thought to be intended as a getaway vehicle – where his documents were found.

But Driss later showed up at a police station in Ripoll, 65 miles north of Barcelona, claiming his brother, Moussa, had stolen his documents.

Moussa is an 18-year-old student who lives in Ripoll. He talked about killing infidels on social media.

Police confirmed the arrest of two suspects, identified as a Moroccan and Spaniard, but said the driver was still on the run.

Meanwhile, ISIS claimed responsibility for the terror attack on its news agency Amaq.

Twisted ISIS supporters have celebrated the Barcelona van attack by posting sick messages on social media.

One Islamic State supporter wrote on the encrypted messaging service Telegram, praising God for the terrorist attack in Spain.

The Sun Online reports the man, writing under the name Abu Hasum, said: “A van just ran over people in Barcelona!!! Allu Akbar!!!! They can die in their rage.”

ISIS’s propaganda outlet Amaq said: “The executors of the Barcelona attack were soldiers of the Islamic State.”

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has called the Barcelona carnage “jihadist terrorism”.

“Today the fight against terrorism is the principal priority for free and open societies like ours. It is a global threat and the response has to be global,” Rajoy told a news conference in Barcelona after the van attack.

It was reported that one person also died in an explosion in a house in Catalonia. Police indicated the incident is connected to the Barcelona attack, but it’s not clear how at this time. The victim is Spanish and was not on police radar.

The CIA reportedly warned Spanish police about Las Ramblas being a potential terrorist target just two months ago.