Woman Killed for Rejecting Proposal Cremated

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The man who killed his colleague and surrendered to the police had called in sick just before he turned up to have lunch with her.

  • Killer is divorced with a child
  • Had been showing interest in victim, harassing her since she joined the company in November

According to a fellow worker who declined to be named, the suspect said he was not reporting for work that day as he was on medical leave for two days, The Star reported.

“He called at 12.45pm to tell me this but somehow he turned up at the building and left with Tharani in her car.

“I was shocked when I got the news that she was killed and that he surrendered. I spoke to him about 45 minutes before Tharani was killed,” he was quoted as saying.

On Monday, D Tharani was killed by a 37-year-old colleague claiming to be her boyfriend at the parking lot of the Giant Hypermarket in Kota Damansara.

The suspect had earlier gone for lunch with her to the hypermarket and bought a few household items, including a vegetable knife.

However, it is learnt that Tharani turned down the man’s proposal and told him that she intended to marry another man. Unable to accept the rejection, the suspect grabbed the kitchen knife they had just bought and stabbed Tharani in the neck.

He later drove the car with the deceased in the front passenger seat to the Damansara police station and turned himself in.

It is also learnt that the suspect is divorced with a child and had been showing interest in Tharani, harassing her since she joined the company in November where he had been working for 10 years.

M Letchumy, Tharani’s mother, said her daughter looked disturbed recently and it was just three weeks ago she had told a cousin that she was having problems at work but did not elaborate.

“We just found out about it, when the cousin told us yesterday. The cousin said she also did not probe Tharani on it because she thought it was work stress.

“She can’t even bear the pain of a needle prick, I can’t imagine how she must have had suffered when…(she was attacked with a vegetable knife). 

Mohamad Shahril Badri Saali/NST

“How could anyone do this to her? Whoever did this to my baby is worse than an animal,” she was quoted saying, before breaking down in tears at her daughter’s funeral yesterday.

Speaking to the New Straits Times before the final rites at her home in Bandar Baru Selayang, Letchumy said Tharani was the youngest of three girls and the most pampered in the family.

Her two elder sisters had moved out after getting married so Tharani lived alone with her parents.

The inconsolable mother stayed by the casket throughout the funeral, repeatedly saying “why, why must you leave us all soon?”

Letchumy, 59, revealed that Tharani had avoided the topic of marriage every time they brought it up, saying she just wanted to take good care of them.

“You kept saying that you would be the one to take care of us when we grew old but now we are the one who is sending you off first,” the mother was heard wailing as the hearse left the house.

Tharani’s two elder sisters, D Sivagamy and D Gunavathy, and her father were also inconsolable throughout the funeral rites.

Other family members were overcome with grief too as Tharani’s coffin was placed on the pyre before the cremation at the Sentul Hindu Crematorium at around 4.45pm.

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