Woman Robbed in Launderette, Tourist Lost Handphone to Snatch Theft

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Trio robs woman in launderette and makes off with RM15,000, while a motorcyclist snatches a tourist’s handphone outside a hotel.

A woman at a launderette in Taman Sri Gombak was allegedly robbed of RM15,000 worth of valuables by three men on Sep 1.

A video clip that has gone viral on social media shows two men wearing motorcycle helmets entering the launderette.

While one is seen securing the area, the other approaches a woman sitting on a bench. He demands that she hand over her valuables, threatening her with a machete.

Then he grabs the woman’s handbag and walks out as the first robber directs the woman to a corner of the launderette, forcing her to surrender more valuables.

A third robber armed with a machete then enters the launderette and removes jewellery from the woman’s wrist as she appears to look helplessly around for help from the other customers, who throughout the incident go about their business as if nothing is happening.

The trio then flee the scene, having taken just over two minutes to pull off the robbery.

It was reported that police are tracking down the robbers after the woman filed a police report, claiming she had lost RM15,000 in valuables, including her mobile phone, jewellery and RM1,000 in cash.

In another video footage that has also gone viral, two tourists are seen talking to a hotel staff at the entrance of a hotel in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

A motorcyclist rides into view and swiftly snatches one of the tourists’ handphone and speeds off before anyone can react.

Police said they have yet to receive any report on the incident.