Discovering Azmin Ali

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What I want to know is, if our Minister of Economic Affairs is doing a good job or not.


I didn’t know much about Azmin Ali until that disgusting (sub-par quality) video started circulating on WhatsApp. I didn’t bother finding out what post he held in our government…until this morning!

It’s just the same load of tosh I’ve been seeing in the headlines for years! I did my research out of irritation more than anything.

What I want to know is, if our Minister of Economic Affairs is doing a good job or not. His Wikipedia page does not give me enough information, nor do recent articles for that matter. I went through about 10 pages’ worth of headlines on Google and gave up. It seems the only thing he’s got going for him is the stupid sex scandal.

I need to know what he’s done for the country. I did not see him in my Facebook feed headlines until a day after the video started circulating on mobile devices. Call me a sheltered millennial, but the fact remains that the wheel keeps turning. We still need to go to work and pay our bills – with or without the scandal.

The government is a collective. I have a little faith in that. A single person’s sex life is insignificant. Even the Minister of Economic Affairs, like every other working citizen, can be replaced.

The ringgit has not crashed by some miracle. Fancy that.

Business is as usual.

We’re just kay poh, and love a good laugh at someone else’s expense. The politicians know this, and so does the media. It’s everybody’s time to shine, get a little exposure, and sound clever while clinging to flimsy moral arguments.

Personally, I think the more poignant matter we should be addressing right now are the people that use and sanction our country as a dump site!

A Man is a millennial, musician and freelance writer, in that order. 

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