No one can stop Israel from reducing Gaza to rubble and erase Hamas terrorists

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Hamas will learn that the Jews can be as ruthless as the Nazis.

Hamas’ victory will be short-lived. People who celebrated the terror group’s brutality on Saturday (Oct 7) will soon realize the deadly consequences of picking a fight with Israel, whose biggest supporter is the United States. When Hamas launched an unprecedented, multi-front attack against the “Land of Israel”, they should have ensured that the Jews were completely destroyed.

Either Hamas swiftly and decisively destroys Israel or gets ready to be butchered. But the terror group, who receives weapons, training and funding to the tune of US$100 million a year from sponsor Iran, obviously did not have the capability to fully obliterate its enemy. Worse, the half-baked invasion saw the killing of 1,300 Israeli people and up to 150 soldiers and civilians taken hostages.

You can’t kill so many Jews and expect to negotiate for a prisoner swap, not after killing at least 40 babies and young children, with some of them being decapitated as reported. Beheading toddlers and babies makes Hamas worse than ISIS terrorists. It is a massacre – not war – when Hamas slaughtered mothers, fathers, babies and young families in their beds.

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If Hamas’ intention was to negotiate for the exchange of Palestinian prisoners, then they should just kidnap Israelis. Does Hamas really think they could negotiate and get away after what they had done? Perhaps they thought Iran was a military superpower like Russia or China, who would come to their rescue. Perhaps Hamas hadn’t a clue that Israel is a nuclear weapons power.

Yes, some Israeli lawmakers have already called for the use of nuclear weapons to completely destroy Hamas, who are hiding in the Gaza Strip. But nuking the terrorists is overkill. The 25-mile-long enclave which has been the subject of a blockade since 2007 is under a “complete siege” now. Israel has already cut electricity, food, water and gas to the territory of 2.3 million people.

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As the Israeli Air Force (IAF) rains missiles on Gaza, the country has activated more than 300,000 reservists for duty – the largest mobilization since the 1973 Yom Kippur War half a century ago, when 400,000 reservists were called up. The reserve force, made up of a cross-section of Israeli society, has about 450,000 members. In comparison, Hamas’s army has only 30,000 men.

There’s a reason why ISIS, once the most feared terrorist group on planet Earth, did not dare attack the Jewish state when they should have. A German journalist – Jurgen Todenhofer – wrote that ISIS fighters admitted that the Israeli army was too strong for them. The IAF has an estimated 648 aircraft of all types, manned and serviced by 35,000 active-duty personnel.

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Despite the Arab League’s 3 million active military personnel and US$180 billion military expenditure, which is 10 times more than Israel’s US$18 billion, Saudi and its allies have no appetite to fight Israel, let alone help the Palestinians. In fact, Saudi does not give a damn about the Palestinian as long as Israel is fighting the Shia Muslims led by Iran, along with proxies like Hamas.

Sure, the Arab World will condemn Israel for attacking Gaza. But none dares to send troops to help the Palestinians trapped as a result of Hamas terrorism. Jordan has sent aid supplies to Egypt for the Palestinians. While Egypt will allow aid to be delivered through its border to Gaza, it has rejected corridors for civilians – suggesting that Cairo does not welcome Palestinians.

Heck, even Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has profusely denied any involvement in Hamas’ weekend attack on Israel for fear of Tomahawk cruise missiles unleashed by the US warships in the region. At least 25 Americans were killed by Hamas, giving Washington plenty of justification to strike Tehran. Neither Russia nor China will come to Iran’s rescue.

With military superpower US firmly behind Israel, Hamas terrorists are trapped in hiding in the tunnels. Hamas naval facilities – Khan Younis and Gaza City docks – have been bombarded and destroyed by the Israel Defence Forces. Exactly what is Hamas’ endgame? It appears the terror group does not have an exit plan after launching the half-baked invasion of Israel.

In contrast, Israel knows its endgame. By Wednesday (Oct 11) – four days later – Israel has already hit 2,600 “terrorist targets” inside the Gaza Strip, including the Islamic University, which Hamas terrorists are said to be using as a training camp. Its massive 300,000 troops are waiting to invade Gaza – and hunt Hamas – once the Israeli Air Force has done enough damage.

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Palestinian media said that the relentless bombings had killed the brother of Mohammed Deif, Hamas’s military commander, and a senior commander from Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Several family members of Deif believed to be the mastermind in tunneling and bomb-making activities, were also killed in Khan Yunis, including his father and children.

Crucially, Israel also said no “electrical switch will be turned on, no water hydrant will be opened and no fuel truck will enter” until all the “hostages” were free. Essentially, Hamas’ plan to exchange prisoners has been torpedoed. Israel sets the rules – exchange of electricity, food, water and gas for the hostages, and not the prisoners swap that Hamas had dreamt of.

If the abductees are not released, the terror group would be blamed by the Palestinians while the Israel Defence Forces have justification to continue with the current bombing. But if they are free, the terror group will lose its bargaining chip and Israel’s armed forces might still continue to destroy its military network. Either way, Hamas will be annihilated and wiped out.

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To send a strong warning to Iran, Syria and Lebanese Hezbollah not to enter the conflict, Israel has just launched attacks on Syria’s two main international airports in Damascus and Aleppo, forcing an Iranian plane carrying its foreign minister who was supposed to visit Syria to make a U-turn back to Tehran. Israel has demonstrated that it can launch 250 airstrikes in just one hour.

Despite the terror group’s threat to execute one civilian hostage every time Israel hits Gaza, Tel-Aviv refused to be intimidated. Sacrificing the 150 hostages in exchange for killing 30,000 Hamas looks like a good deal. Even though the US has sent Gerald R Ford Carrier Strike Group to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, Israel shows that it can handle Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran on its own.

And thanks to Hamas, the previously divided Israelis are now unified behind Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who vowed the complete destruction of the terror organization. He declared – “Every Hamas member is a dead man. We saw boys and girls bound, who were shot in the head. Men and women were burned alive, and young women were raped and slaughtered. We will crush them and destroy them as the world has destroyed Daesh”.

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It’s not rocket science that Israeli troops would be ordered to reoccupy Gaza in order to uproot Hamas, who are hiding underground. Whether the hostages would be released or not, the landscape of Gaza will be completely changed. It’s not an exaggeration to suggest that Israel is ready to flatten Gaza if that’s what it takes to kill every single Hamas terrorist.

Today, the Israeli military told the United Nations that the entire population of northern Gaza, involving 1.1 million people of the Wadi Gaza wetlands, should “relocate to the southern Gaza within 24 hours” – suggesting that a ground operation is about to begin. The Netanyahu government is ready to turn northern Gaza upside-down in efforts to destroy the terrorists.

Israel could use “bunker buster” bomb to penetrate Hamas-built tunnels buried deep underground. After wiping out northern Gaza, it could shift the target to the southern part. This means the entire Gaza Strip is not safe for Hamas. The Israel Defence Forces are expected to show no mercy in retribution as the “crush and destroy” operation continues in the Hamas strongholds.

The endgame could see a security zone annexed around the Gaza Strip to prevent future infiltrations. This zone would act as a no man’s land similar to the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that serves as a buffer zone between North and South Korea. An Israeli defence official has promised the strip will become a “tent city” with every building to be demolished.

When the Jews promise to erase their enemies, they deliver. With unlimited bombs and the most sophisticated military hardware money can buy, Israel is systematically transforming Gaza neighbourhoods into rubble. It furiously demolishes every single building that it doesn’t like and flattens an entire block of buildings that it suspects were used to harbour the terrorists – turning it into the Stone Age.

Not even the US, let alone the UN, can stop Israel from avenging its citizens. It’s a dumb move to attack a country that provides you with water, electricity, gas and food. It’s even moronic to think that everything will return to the status quo after killing 1,300 Jewish people, including infants and children. What will happen to Gaza after burning it down is immaterial. Too bad civilians will become collateral damage.

Having “miscalculated” Israel’s retaliation, the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas could either continue to hide in the tunnels or bring down the innocent Palestinian people together with it. Already, it has called for a “Global Day of Jihad”, as well as rejecting Israel’s order for civilians to evacuate southward. As usual, Hamas hopes to once again use Palestinian children as human shields.

Even if Washington wanted Jerusalem to reconsider the safety of Palestinians, the domestic pressure for the Jewish state to launch a ground offensive in Gaza is too great – and too irresistible. Hamas’s strategic mistake has presented the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to destroy the terrorists on the ground, within the underground tunnels, in the holes, in their headquarters and whatnot. Hamas will learn that the Jews can be as ruthless as the Nazis. – Finance Twitter