Appreciation for MPSJ Officer in Woman Wielding Steering Lock Incident

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The MPSJ officer who kept his cool while a woman brandishing a steering lock yelled at him awarded certificate of appreciation.

Yesterday, Nor Safuan Nordin was awarded the certificate of appreciation by Subang Jaya assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh, who praised him for his professionalism in handling the difficult situation.

The 31-year-old municipal council officer was shouted at by an enraged woman wielding a steering lock who had wrongly parked her car in an OKU spot.

Safuan said he is used to being verbally abused by people, especially by those whose cars get clamped.

“I have experienced things like this. We know in a situation like this when a person is angry, we do not respond with anger,” said Nor Safuan Nordin.

He revealed that he had been threatened with a parang before, and such experiences and his training had built a “hard shell” to help him deflect insults hurled at him.

Safuan, 31, has been working at the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) for the past 10 years.

Recounting the Sept 6 incident, he said he did his best to keep calm despite having the steering lock swung close to his head.

The woman had screamed at Safuan as he tried to explain to her that she had parked in a wrong spot.

She responded angrily that she had nowhere else to park and that she was buying food for her disabled husband.

Safuan clarified that her husband is indeed disabled, but was at home when the incident occurred.

He said that the woman’s husband had apologised on her behalf, but added that he did not require an apology from her.

“I’ve already forgiven her, and her husband had also come forward and apologised to me.

“He is a disabled man, and was shocked his wife had acted in such a manner.

 “As it is something I face every day, I did not take what she said to heart,” Safuan said.

He added that he could sympathise with people whose cars had been clamped and that after serving two years in the council’s clamping unit, he understood their anger.

Safuan shared that his family had congratulated him and was proud that he had kept his cool as they knew him to be short-tempered.

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