Shared Prosperity as Foundation for Next Decade

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PH’s future direction under the theme ‘Shared Prosperity 2030’, where the focus would be on economic development.

Shared prosperity will be the driving principle for the country’s development in the next 10 years, said Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, in conjunction with the first year anniversary of the Pakatan Harapan administration.

This is necessary to end income inequality among Malaysians irrespective of class, ethnic group or region, he said in a special address in Putrajaya attended by ministers.

“The aim of shared prosperity is to provide a decent standard of living to all Malaysians.

“To ensure that all people will benefit from the nation’s wealth fairly and equitably,” he said in the speech that was televised on RTM.

“Shared prosperity means improving the people’s buying power and eliminating the income and wealth gap between classes, races, regions and extreme disparity in the supply chain,” he said.

Mahathir also emphasised that policies and programmes must be “needs based.”

“We do not want some people to be left behind in our pursuit for national prosperity. But this does not mean we will spoon feed them but rather upgrade their capabilities,” he added.

He said ‘Shared Prosperity 2030’ would comprise seven cores, among them, restructuring and improving the business and industrial ecosystem, expanding into new sectors, reforming human capital and improving labour market and wages.

Harapan, he said, would be consulting the grassroots to further these objectives.

“We hope that the proposed concept and planning can be further scrutinised by people at all levels and groups and it will be brought to the grassroots level for feedback and to garner better ideas before it is included in the 12th and 13th Malaysian Plans in order to achieve shared prosperity by 2030,” he added.

He stressed the importance of implementation since without them, the plans would be meaningless.

“It also demands that we work hard together as a nation so that the people can enjoy shared prosperity in a truly developed Malaysia that is independent and dignified.

“Therefore, the government will work to ensure all initiatives promised by the government are fulfilled based on the spirit of inclusiveness and fairness that will contribute to the wealth which can be shared by the people based on the concept of shared prosperity,” he added.