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Anwar bans Israeli ships but Malaysia-Israel billion-dollar trades will continue

Even though Malaysia does not have diplomatic ties with Israel, both countries have been engaged in trades worth billions of dollars for the last...

Three months after raids, Home Ministry bans Swatch ‘LGBT’ watches

The government has moved to ban any Swatch watches or related material - including boxes - containing LGBT influences. The Home Ministry in a statement...

Hadi delivers Friday sermon in mosque despite ban from state Islamic...

Hadi Awang today delivered his weekly sermon at the Rusila mosque in Marang, Terengganu, despite the prohibition by the state Islamic council against doing so.

Kelantan palace denies ban on Chief Justice, spouse

The Kelantan Palace has denied claims made by an online portal alleging that Tengku Maimun and her husband are banned from the royal institution.

Snags in Generation End Game

Lobbying by certain civil society groups for Malaysian MPs to vote for the Tobacco and Smoking Control Bill that will be tabled in the Parliament.

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