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CEO, director of famous Chinese restaurant chain detained for graft

The MACC detained a CEO and a director of a famous Chinese chain of restaurants for suspected graft to carry out renovation projects for the restaurants.

High Court throws out suit against police, govt by mother of Dutch model Ivana...

The High Court today struck out a suit by the mother of Ivana Smit.

NGOs demand ministry, MARA start independent probe of alleged sexual harassment, abuse in schools

Women's groups pressed the Education Ministry and MARA for investigation into allegations of sexual abuse and harassment by teachers on students.

Anwar: Malaysia’s massive slide in Press Freedom Index under PN govt a grave concern...

RSF’s 2021 Press Freedom Index saw Malaysia dropping 18 steps down to the rank of 119 out of 180 countries scored.

Chin Tong’s book: Media, not DAP, twisted Jawi issue into a controversy

The Chinese media turned the teaching of Jawi in schools in 2019 into a controversy even though DAP was supportive of the learning of Jawi,

Chin Tong on Ku Li’s ambition to become prime minister

Tengku Razaleigh is a recognisable figure throughout the decades of Malaysian politics.

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