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Santiago: Dismantle Bestinet

Charles Santiago has called on the government to promote transparency in the recruitment of migrant workers by dismantling Bestinet.

Charles Santiago reappointed as SPAN chairman

Charles Santiago has been appointed chairman of SPAN effective March 20.

Charles Santiago: Klang 7-cornered fight because I’m not contesting

An unprecedented seven-cornered fight is taking place in Klang because of his absence from the contest, claimed the parliamentary seat’s outgoing MP Charles Santiago.

Charles Santiago: Stop hunting down transgenders like criminals

Harassment against marginalised LGBTQ+ community.

Gobind: Charles aware GE14 was to be his last stand in...

Gobind said today that Charles Santiago knew he would not be standing for re-election in Klang during GE15.

Charles Santiago urges support for his successor

Charles Santiago has urged his supporters to rally behind V Ganabatirau, whom DAP has chosen to take his place in GE15.

Gobind: Charles always knew clock was ticking on his time as...

Charles Santiago was aware there were requests to replace him going back as far as the 2013 general election.

Charles overwhelmed by show of support amid GE15 candidacy drop speculation

Incumbent Klang MP Charles Santiago is surprised and overwhelmed with the show of support shown toward him by various groups of his electorate.

Klang MP goes to court to stop GE15

Charles Santiago is seeking a court order to stop GE15 from taking place this year due to the rainy season and floods.

Klang MP: EC must reveal flood mitigation plans for GE15

All efforts have been made to ensure that voting takes place in a safe environment.

Kit Siang: Azhar ‘dead wrong’ for describing Muhyiddin as ‘overlooked reformist’

Bersih says democracy in this country had never been more threatened than when it was under Muhyiddin.

MP urges lawmakers, NGOs to lodge reports against Apandi over Najib

Charles Santiago today urged fellow MPs to lodge police reports against Apandi Ali over alleged abuse of power to cover up investigations into SRC and 1MDB.

MP lodges police report against Apandi for alleged abuse of power...

Charles Santiago today lodged a police report against Apandi Ali over alleged abuse of powers to cover up investigations into the SRC International and 1MDB trial.

MPs warned of rejection by voters if they block anti-hopping bill

Fahmi Fadzil has warned MPs against standing in the way of the anti-hopping bill.

Opposition MP cautions of hunger crisis in Malaysia following rising cost...

Charles Santiago has cautioned that Malaysia will be facing a hunger crisis following the rising cost of living.

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