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Kit Siang: Azhar ‘dead wrong’ for describing Muhyiddin as ‘overlooked reformist’

Bersih says democracy in this country had never been more threatened than when it was under Muhyiddin.

MP urges lawmakers, NGOs to lodge reports against Apandi over Najib

Charles Santiago today urged fellow MPs to lodge police reports against Apandi Ali over alleged abuse of power to cover up investigations into SRC and 1MDB.

MP lodges police report against Apandi for alleged abuse of power...

Charles Santiago today lodged a police report against Apandi Ali over alleged abuse of powers to cover up investigations into the SRC International and 1MDB trial.

MPs warned of rejection by voters if they block anti-hopping bill

Fahmi Fadzil has warned MPs against standing in the way of the anti-hopping bill.

Opposition MP cautions of hunger crisis in Malaysia following rising cost...

Charles Santiago has cautioned that Malaysia will be facing a hunger crisis following the rising cost of living.

Klang MP slams “ignorant, arrogant” Hamzah over undocumented migrants

Charles Santiago has slammed Hamzah who said that MPs who support migrant rights should get papers for undocumented migrant workers.

Santiago: Going after migrants is beyond stupid

The immigration director-general’s plan to target undocumented migrants during the lockdown has come under fire.

Klang MP accuses Hadi of triggering political instability with Sheraton Move...

Charles Santiago wants the police to investigate Abdul Hadi Awang, whom he alleged to have created political instability in Malaysia.

PM Told to ‘Rotan’ Minister Allowing Big Weddings in CMCO Areas

Charles Santiago said Muhyiddin Yassin should consider walking the talk about using his "rotan" (cane) after the government allowed big wedding gatherings.

Klang MP Calls for UniMAP VC and Exam Panel’s Sacking

Klang MP Charles Santiago has urged Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) to sack its vice-chancellor R Badlishah Ahmad and the examination panel.

DAP Reps: Charge or Release Sosma Detainees Before Deepavali

Three DAP MPs today reiterated their calls for the release of 12 individuals detained over alleged links to the LTTE, ahead of the Deepavali celebration on Oct 27.

No Vague Answers Please, Klang MP Tells Dr M over Rumour

PM urged to stop giving “vague answers” which “won’t quell rumours”.

MACC Urged to Probe Drying Up of River of Life Fund

The MACC has been urged to probe into the multibillion-ringgit ‘River of Life’ (RoL) project, which critics claim has fallen short on delivery.

DAP MP Reminds Dr M of Oft-Repeated “PM for All Malaysians”...

The past months have witnessed public displays of anger, frustration and disappointment over the play of religion on politics, said DAP lawmaker Charles Santiago.

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