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MPs warned of rejection by voters if they block anti-hopping bill

Fahmi Fadzil has warned MPs against standing in the way of the anti-hopping bill.

Fahmi Fadzil: PM’s expensive outfits indicate disconnect from common people

PM spotted wearing a branded Burberry T-Shirt valued at RM6,900.

PKR firmly shuts door on Azmin’s purported return

It looks like the door is firmly shut on Azmin Ali's purported return to the Pakatan Harapan fold.

Fahmi Fadzil: Why can’t Bank Negara, Bukit Aman track money trail...

Neither Bank Negara nor the police had been able to bring the masterminds to book.

MP asks DBKL who was actually paid for smart lampposts

DBKL must clarify a reported RM30.7 million contract to install 200 5G smart lampposts in the city after it denied awarding this to SCIB,

Becoming Friends Through ‘Tweet’ of Fate

Fahmi Fadzil and Yap Chi Hoe were total strangers who became friends by a ‘tweet’ of fate.

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