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Viral news on cop’s death after vaccination untrue

Police have denied allegations that that a policeman in Gerik had died after receiving his second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine shot.

MPs decry fake news Emergency Ordinance as “deplorable” clampdown

Opposition MPs have blasted the Emergency Ordinance 2021, which takes effect tomorrow, as a deplorable attempt by the PN government to control the narrative.

From tomorrow RM100k fine, jail time for spreading fake news on...

Individuals who create or publish fake news on Covid-19 or the Emergency proclamation could now face a fine of up to RM100,000 and imprisonment.

Zahid’s trial: Why donation made with cash instead of cheques, judge asks defence counsel?

Why donation made with cash instead of cheques is unknown as the investigators did not carry out a probe on this.

Zahid’s trial: Defence claims 27 money laundering charges politically motivated, wants full acquittal

Zahid Hamidi should be acquitted and discharged of the 27 money laundering charges.

Anwar on new deal with govt: It’s an MoU, not CSA

Anwar Ibrahim stressed that their newly-inked agreement with the government led by Ismail Sabri was a MoU and not a CSA.

Part of historic MoU’s reforms to be carried out immediately

Anwar Ibrahim's role as Opposition Leader received an immediate boost following the signing of the MoU.

Anwar explains why PH accepted Ismail Sabri’s offer but not Muhyiddin’s

PH agreed to sign a deal with Ismail Sabri as the prime minister was ready to negotiate with them on political stability and transformation.

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