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Mariam Mokhtar: Latest breach of SOP at Jalan Bellamy bungalow

Two nights ago, several politicians, ministers, deputies and GLC heads, had met in secret in a bungalow near Bellamy Road.

Unusual leadership gathering ahead of expected Umno-PN showdown next week

There was an unusual gathering among top federal government figures last night in Kuala Lumpur ahead of an expected showdown between Umno and PN next week.

G25 concerned with govt’s ‘paranoia’ against Sajat

The G25 group has spoken out about the recent news of local authorities seeking the extradition of Nur Sajat.

Sarawak Report editor: Arrest warrant won’t work in UK

No intention of coming to Malaysia to face criminal defamation charge.

Hamzah: Still no new leads on forced disappearance cases, Indira Gandhi’s ex-husband’s whereabouts

The police still have no fresh leads on their investigations on the forced disappearances of Raymond Koh, Joshua Helmi, Ruth Sitepu and Amri Che Mat,

PH presidential council: MACC chief should go on leave pending case against 3 top...

MACC chief Azam Baki should be placed on temporary leave pending investigations over allegations of abuse of power and misappropriation of funds involving officers.

Guan Eng’s trial: Court told of Lim’s meetings with Zarul

A witness from a company which also bid for the project but lost claims BUCG enjoyed an advantage over competitors when bidding for the four Penang mega projects.

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