Home Tags Johor cops to seek longer remand for “uncooperative” Patrick Teoh

Tag: Johor cops to seek longer remand for “uncooperative” Patrick Teoh

Johor Cops to Seek Longer Remand for “Uncooperative” Patrick Teoh

Johor police have accused Patrick Teoh of not assisting in their investigation and want to seek an extension to his remand period, which ends tomorrow.

Tamil Nadu man reveals shocking abuse, exploitation at PJ restaurant

An Indian’s tale of abuse and exploitation while working at a banana leaf restaurant here is creating waves in Malaysia and India via social media and TV stations.

Guan Eng: Excluding opposition from Parliament committee an abuse of power

The exclusion of opposition lawmakers from the special committee studying the implementation of hybrid Parliament meetings is an abuse of power.

Malaysian Bar troubled by lawyer’s claim that judiciary’s decisions can be influenced

Lawyer’s purported suggestion that court decisions can be influenced is disgraceful, unethical, misconduct.

Top 10 messages that backdoor govt is game over

The Rulers were not in favour of rallying behind the self-proclaimed stupid prime minister.

Report: PN’s ‘fixer lawyers’ – how shocking does it get?

A major foreign firm with massive operations in Malaysia is entangled in a horribly embarrassing civil action.

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