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Rafizi: How much of LCS RM1.7b was spent on cotton buds?

Rafizi called for minister Abdul Latiff Ahmad to be fired.

All will be revealed tomorrow, says Rafizi after minister’s denial

Rafizi will reveal specific documents allegedly linking Abdul Latiff with an individual named Zainab Mohd Salleh who is the owner of Alizes Marine.

DAP demands Najib explain lopsided 2014 agreement with Boustead for LCSs

DAP demands an explanation from Najib for the “lopsided” 2014 agreement his government signed for the purchase of six LCSs.

MPs remind Hisham he welcomed non-existent LCS into fleet in 2017

RM6 billion spent on LCS with nothing to show.

Rafizi: Boustead paid sub-contractor 200% more than needed for LCS

A series of sub-contracts amounting to a 200% commission taken by "sharks" involved in the deal.

Guan Eng: LCS scandal should be priority, not alleged abuse of...

PM’s lack of a discerning heart to distinguish between what is right and wrong as well as what should be prioritised to govern the country well.

Rafizi to expose companies used to launder LCS money

Rafizi says he will expose the scandal involving the misappropriation of funds in the RM6 billion LCS project within a month.

Kit Siang urges MACC to investigate purchase of LCS

The MACC must investigate the alleged mismanagement and discrepancies in the Defence Ministry’s procurement of LCS.

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