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Engineer loses RM2.9m to Macau scam

An engineer has lost RM2.9 million after falling prey to a Macau scam.

Property agent loses RM7 million to Macau scam

A local woman property agent lost more than RM7 million after being duped in a Macau scam.

RM21 million lost in giant Macau scam

The biggest Macau scam ever recorded by the police for a single victim in recent years.

Millionaire who reportedly lost RM21m to alleged Macau scam was from...

Scammed from November last year until April 2022.

Two women lose RM1.58m in Macau scams

Scammers claimed to be from IRB.

Bank manager duped of RM605,000 in Macau Scam

A 53-year-old bank manager in Seremban has lost RM605,000 in a Macau Scam.

Macau scam: Retired civil servant loses more than RM1.6 million, teacher...

Retired civil servant and teacher duped in Macam scam.

Bank officer loses RM104,000 after falling prey to Macau scam

Scammer claimed that her credit card was used for a transaction to a bitcoin company.

Senior citizen loses nearly RM700k to Macau scam

A senior citizen in Kluang has lost RM697,000 after falling victim to a Macau Scam syndicate.

DJ loses RM419,000 to Macau scam

A 45-year-old woman lost RM419,000 of her savings to a Macau scam syndicate.

Elderly woman loses over RM1 million to Macau scam

A senior citizen lost RM1.03 million to a Macau scam syndicate after receiving a call from a man claiming to be from the Inland Revenue Board.

Penang lawyer lost RM259,900 to Macau scam syndicate

A lawyer ended up RM259,900 poorer after she fell victim to a Macau scam syndicate two days ago.

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