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MACC Meets on Sep 4 to Decide Action Against Guan Eng

MACC meets on Sep 4 to decide action against Lim Guan Eng over his statement on the MACC arrest of exco Phee Boon Poh being "illegal".

Anwar on new deal with govt: It’s an MoU, not CSA

Anwar Ibrahim stressed that their newly-inked agreement with the government led by Ismail Sabri was a MoU and not a CSA.

Part of historic MoU’s reforms to be carried out immediately

Anwar Ibrahim's role as Opposition Leader received an immediate boost following the signing of the MoU.

Anwar explains why PH accepted Ismail Sabri’s offer but not Muhyiddin’s

PH agreed to sign a deal with Ismail Sabri as the prime minister was ready to negotiate with them on political stability and transformation.

Anwar: PH never agreed to call off confidence vote against PM despite signing bipartisan...

Anwar Ibrahim asserted PH's disagreement with the government’s move to rescind its pledge to hold a confidence vote against Ismail Sabri.

Under deal with Opposition, govt to inject additional RM45b into Covid-19 fund, RM10b in...

The government said today it is injecting an additional RM45 billion into the Covid-19 fund, bringing the total to RM110 billion.

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