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Dennis Ignatius: Mahathir’s last hurrah

Mahathir cannot or will not see that it is only by building a more inclusive society premised upon democracy and good governance that Malaysia can best secure its future.

Kit Siang saddened by Mahathir’s century-old ‘pro-Malay’ move

Mahathir’s move a step in the wrong direction for a country with a plural society.

Show proof my children became millionaires when I was PM, Dr...

Mahathir has asked Apandi Ali to show proof that his children became millionaires when he was the prime minister.

Zahid’s trial: Dr M received RM2.6m political funding after GE14

A witness in Zahid's corruption trial claimed that his company paid RM2.6 million to Dr Mahathir after GE14 for political funding.

Dr M: Probe Apandi for ‘colluding’ with Jho Low

Mahathir has urged the authorities to probe Apandi over links with Jho Low.

Dr M: Pejuang members to contest only 40 seats in GE15,...

NGOs and minor political parties to use Pejuang’s flag and symbol to contest GE15, despite not being party members.

Dr M: Rafizi understands Anwar no longer as popular as before

Mahathir says he still needs time to deliver a verdict on whether there is a rift between Anwar Ibrahim and Rafizi Ramli.

Dr M to Najib: You’re responsible for Malaysia lagging behind neighbours

Najib Razak, not Pakatan Harapan, is the one responsible for Malaysia lagging behind other neighbouring countries,

Dr M: My earlier objection against Apandi was ignored

The government did not respond to two letters objecting to Apandi's appointment as the Pulau Batu Puteh special task force chairperson.

Dr M: I may defend Langkawi in GE15 if no other...

Mahathir is willing to defend his parliamentary seat in Langkawi in the next general election if Pejuang does not have any other candidates to field in that constituency.

‘Show proof I wanted Umno dissolved,’ Dr M challenges Zahid

Mahathir has denied allegations that he told Zahid to dissolve Umno in 2018 because the party had "no future".

Mahathir challenges Johor Sultan to explain selling state land to foreigners

Mahathir trained his guns on Sultan Ibrahim, challenging the Johor ruler to explain selling state land to foreign entities.

Mahathir: Tajuddin’s tell-all shows many things are hidden from the people

The revelation by Tajuddin shows that many things are hidden from the people.

Pulau Batu Puteh inquiry: Mahathir walks out in protest against Apandi...

Mahathir refuses to cooperate as long as Apandi heads task force.

Dr M: Bersatu never received RM1.3m gifted to Muhyiddin

Mahathir said his former party Bersatu did not receive RM1.3 million in donations, purportedly gifted to Muhyiddin in 2018.

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