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Najib: Closing My Eyes in Court Doesn’t Mean I’m Dozing

Najib has denied dozing off during a hearing at the Court of Appeal earlier today.

A-G: Najib Simply Delaying Trial

The court adjourned the hearing to Thursday when the panel will deliver its judgments on all four appeals by Najib.

Najib Fails in Bid to Dismiss Sri Ram as Lead Prosecutor

The High Court here has dismissed an application by Najib to remove Gopal Sri Ram from leading the prosecution against him.

Najib: Sorry for “Drunks and LGBT Highway Users” Remark

Najib claimed today he was repeating phrases from the audience when he made remarks viewed as demeaning to the LGBT community.

Slight Delay in Najib’s SRC Trial

Najib's trial will be slightly delayed as the Federal Court has to decide whether the DPP can withdraw his certificate of transfer.

Chin Tong: Najib Banking on PH Dissolution to Escape Jail

Najib is hoping to avoid incarceration by counting on a break-up of the PH administration mid-term, Liew Chin Tong claimed.

Najib Recharged with Three Counts of SRC Money Laundering

Najib has today been recharged for money laundering in relation to SRC International before the Sessions Court in Kuala Lumpur.

Ambiga to Kit Siang, Najib: Behave Like Statesmen

The war of words between Kit Siang and Najib has become a routine between both parties.

Kadir Jasin: People will be Happier with PH if Najib in...

Pakatan Harapan's performance thus far has fallen short of even realistic expectations of its supporters, said veteran journalist A Kadir Jasin.

KJ: Najib’s ‘Bossku’ Gimmick Won’t Make Scandals Go Away

Najib's latest PR campaign ‘Malu Apa Bossku’ may be drumming up support for him, but with his upcoming court cases the people will not forget the scandals surrounding him.

Hanipa: Najib or Altantuya’s Cousin, Who Lied?

De facto Deputy Law Minister Mohamed Hanipa Maidin said either Najib or Altantuya's cousin had lied.

Kadir Jasin: Najib Delaying Graft Trial

Najib's legal team seeking to indefinitely postpone his criminal breach of trust and money laundering trial.

138 Witnesses Listed in Najib-Irwan CBT Case

The prosecution in the case of Najib and Irwan, who are facing six counts of criminal breach of trust (CBT) involving RM6.6 billion, had listed about 138 witnesses but would only call 70 of them.

Rafizi: Najib’s Government Used PAS to “Purify” Tabung Haji’s Image Before...

Rafizi said Najib's administration had allegedly used PAS to "purify" the image of Lembaga Tabung Haji before the GE14.

Najib Told to Explain RM800M Shortfall, Instead of Making Sarcastic Remarks

MRB has urged Najib to “get real” over an allegation BN short-changed and forced MRB to sell land at an undervalued price of RM1.5 billion.

P Ramasamy: How to Move Forward, Given Budget 2021 Imbroglio?

PKR president and opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim might not have risen to the occasion in either defeating or mounting opposition to the Budget 2021.

Employee EPF Contribution Rate Reduced to 9%

The statutory contribution rate for employees in 2021 will be reduced from 11 percent to nine percent, said the Employees Provident Fund (EPF).

Muhyiddin: GE15 Once Covid-19 Eases

Muhyiddin Yassin said today his administration will call for the 15th general election (GE15) after the Covid-19 pandemic subsides.

Bersatu Chairperson’s Post Abolished

The Bersatu chairperson's post - the most powerful in the party - has been abolished.

Mat Sabu Sticks with Anwar Despite Budget 2021 Furore

Mohamad Sabu said he will stick with Anwar Ibrahim even though he was furious at Anwar who ordered PH not to call for a bloc vote.

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