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Prosecution: Najib’s lawyers treated final appeal hearing with complacency, entitlement, expecting...

New lawyers’ obstinate insistence that they needed more time and an adjournment to prepare for the said appeals was a strategy gone wrong.

Najib’s lawyers’ miscalculated strategy

The prosecution in Najib's SRC case has ripped into his application for a review of the Federal Court's decision that confirmed his guilt and sentence.

DPP: Najib’s lawyers’ stubborn insistence for an adjournment of SRC appeal...

The prosecution has contended that Najib's counsel was complacent in the Federal Court appeal of his RM42 million SRC corruption case.

1MDB trial: Judge ticks off Najib’s lawyers over delay in cross-examination

Court can’t keep waiting for Shafee.

Najib’s family, lawyers attend Umno party briefing

The World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur today was swarmed with thousands of Umno members, who had come for a briefing on the party’s...

Zaid’s firm to withdraw from representing Najib unless SRC appeal postponed

Najib's new legal team will again seek to postpone the hearing of his appeal in the SRC corruption case.

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