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Najib’s SRC appeal: No to introduce extra evidence, postpone hearing

Federal Court rejects Najib’s bid to adduce fresh evidence and defer the hearing by at least three to four months.

Prosecution: Najib’s fresh evidence is hearsay

Federal Court has allowed Najib’s bid to amend his application to adduce new evidence to be heard in his SRC case, which pertains to judge Nazlan.

Najib withdraws bribery claims against SRC trial judge Nazlan, insists on...

Continues to insist that there is additional evidence which will show a serious conflict of interest by Nazlan, saying this was why he was seeking a retrial of the entire SRC case.

Prosecution shows SRC trial judge’s former Maybank role public knowledge since...

It was only on June 7 this year that Najib had filed the application to add on purported new evidence in relation to Nazlan with the ultimate goal of seeking to nullify the trial.

Lawyers file legal action against MACC over investigation into Judge Nazlan

A group of lawyers have commenced legal proceedings against the MACC over its investigation into judge Nazlan .

Judge Nazlan’s friends: He is a man of integrity

Close friends and schoolmates of Judge Nazlan have taken to social media to defend him.

Judge Nazlan under MACC investigation

MACC has opened an investigation paper into Court of Appeal Judge Nazlan Mohd Ghazali over the contents of his bank account.

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