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Appellate court acquits 14 linked to ‘Nicky Gang’ of all charges

The Court of Appeal has acquitted and discharged 14 individuals from charges of being involved in the organised crime group known as the “Nicky Gang”.

Discharge not amounting to acquittal: 14 linked to Nicky Gang

Two siblings of fugitive Datuk Seri Nicky Liow given DNAA.

MACC: No other officers involved with Nicky Gang

The MACC has confirmed only two personnel were involved with the Winner Dynasty Group founder Nicky Liow's organised crime syndicate.

Melaka police confirms arrest of deputy superintendent for alleged involvement in...

The Melaka police today confirmed that one of its officers of the rank of DSP from the Melaka Central Police headquarters has been arrested by the Johor police.

Nicky Gang: 10 cops, 2 MACC officers arrested

Police have arrested 10 policemen and two MACC officers suspected to be linked to fugitive businessman Nicky Liow.

Johor cops want personnel involved with Nicky Gang to be charged...

The Johor police will not hand over the list of names of officers and personnel found to be in cahoots with the Nicky Gang.

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