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Shahrir Samad: PAS key players in ‘Sheraton Move’ planning to topple...

Shahrir Abdul Samad claimed that PAS and Hadi Awang are attempting to topple the unity government for their advantage.

Dr M: PAS not following teachings of religion

Mahathir has taken a dig at PAS, saying that the so-called "Islamic party" does not actually conform to the true teachings of the religion.

Look who is talking – only PAS can form a minority...

Hadi now spins and twists that Anwar’s unity government is merely a “minority government with minority support”.

Will Muhyiddin rein in PAS’ relentless attacks against govt?

Since PN lost at the polls on Nov 19, its component party PAS has been launching relentless attacks against the PH-BN government.

Dennis Ignatius: What does PAS really stand for?

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah aptly described PAS as a political prostitute.

PAS was fine working with DAP before, so when did we...

Hadi changed his tune after PAS and DAP became political rivals.

Dennis Ignatius: Why would non-Muslims even think about negotiating with PAS?

For their own survival, non-Muslim voters must not just decisively reject PAS in GE15 but any party that aligns itself with PAS as well.

Zahid: To cooperate with Umno for GE15, PAS must split from...

PAS must fulfil three demands.

Hadi: We will never work with PH

PAS claims that PH practised politics of vengeance and that this was one of the reasons it firmly rejected any form of cooperation with the coalition.

PAS banking on Taliban to improve Islamic image

PAS is banking on the Taliban to improve its Islamic image.

Four-seat offer: PAS is not a beggar, says Hadi

PAS cannot accept BN's condition for the party to only field four candidates if it is to enter into an electoral pact for the Johor polls.

How UMNO plays PAS

Trapped and ego-bruised Hadi Awang ditched UMNO in order to save face.

Ku Li: Umno must defeat “political prostitute” PAS in GE15

Umno veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has branded PAS a "political prostitute" that must be defeated in the coming 15th general election.

BN, PAS, Azmin Bloc Back Muhyiddin for PM

All Barisan Nasional component parties have nominated Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as the prime minister candidate, making the total number of MPs behind him 96.

Umno, PAS, Perkasa ‘Playing a Dangerous Game’

Military veterans have warned Umno, PAS and Perkasa leaders that they are playing a “dangerous game” by leading the ICERD rally tomorrow.

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