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Petronas Mum on CEO Wan Zul’s Resignation

Petronas is keeping mum on the purported resignation of its president and CEO Wan Zulkiflee after five years at the helm of Malaysia’s sole company listed on Fortune 500.

Pejuang wants Putrajaya to explain 5G boss’ cases in India, Indonesia

Pejuang wants the government to explain if the chief of its 5G network rollout entity faces any criminal actions abroad.

Mariam Mokhtar: Najib and Edmund Santhara have something in common

Ignored their own rakyat and were caught overseas, when the nation needed them most.

When road accident victims get no compensation

A low-loader trailer crashed heavily into the overhead scaffolding used for constructing the Sungai Besi–Ulu Klang Elevated Expressway.

Police, MACC deny being used as political weapons

The PDRM has denied allegations that it is being used as a political weapon to take action against opposition political leaders.

MACC calls on Sekijang rep to lodge report over alleged offer to switch sides

Sekijang MP Natrah Ismail has been urged to lodge a report with the MACC over claims she was offered a bribe to switch her political allegiance.

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