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High Court dismisses Rosmah’s bid to recuse judge again

Rosmah Mansor has failed again to recuse High Court judge Mohamed Zaini Mazlan from presiding over her money laundering and tax evasion trial.

Rosmah’s defence team says she has raised reasonable doubt in her...

Rosmah's lawyers claim that she has raised a reasonable doubt in her corruption case.

Rosmah, Najib: We have no knowledge of the pink diamond necklace

Rosmah and Najib claimed that they had never demanded, requested or intended to buy a US$23 million pink diamond necklace.

Jury shown invoice of US$23m diamond necklace created for Rosmah

Jeweller personally delivered the necklace to Rosmah while she was staying aboard a yacht with Jho Low off the coast of Monaco.

Report: Najib, Rosmah on list to be bribed for 1MDB scheme

Leissner also confirmed there were different 1MDB officials listed after Najib’s name as persons who were going to be getting bribes.

Prosecution: Rosmah’s defence mere denial

Prosecution submits that there is no reason whatsoever for anyone to make up the case against Rosmah.

Jho Low tried to book Bill Clinton for Rosmah’s soirée

Event congratulating Rosmah for being conferred the International Peace and Harmony Award.

Rosmah’s media aide Rizal a poor writer who was rarely in...

Rizal was promoted twice and his contract renewed six times.

Judge blasts Rosmah’s lawyers for foot-dragging

High Court Judge Mohamed Zaini Mazlan today warned lawyers representing Rosmah Mansor in her solar energy project corruption trial to prioritise the case.

Sri Ram accuses Rosmah of abusing court process

Appointment already been decided by both the High Court and Court of Appeal.

Rosmah applies for stay of proceedings for money-laundering trial

Rosmah Mansor applied for a stay of proceedings on Monday (Jan 10) for her money laundering and tax evasion trial.

Najib not testifying at Rosmah’s graft trial

The defence in the trial of Rosmah Mansor involving a solar hybrid project in Sarawak has moved to drop Najib Razak from its witness list.

Rosmah now wants Federal Court to stay her graft trial

Rosmah Mansor has filed an application in the Federal Court to stay her ongoing corruption trial.

Rosmah: If I had wanted deals, I would have gone to...

There was no reason to use an employee to negotiate deals or receive bribes when her husband was the head of the government, Rosmah told the High Court today.

Rosmah says not her and Najib in ‘Can I advise you...

Rosmah Mansor has denied that the voices in the “Can I advise you something?” audio clips belong to her and her husband, Najib Razak.

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