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Miracle Premature Baby Saved from Dying Mother’s Womb

A father thanks the medical team for saving his premature baby after his pregnant wife was run over in a fatal lorry crash.

Anwar Appealed to Allies to Let Budget Pass First Vote, Vows Fight at Committee...

Anwar Ibrahim said he had appealed to Mohamad Sabu and Lim Guan Eng not to proceed with a bloc vote on Budget 2021 at the policy stage in Parliament today.

Budget Vote: Anwar Opted Not to Show Numbers After Umno Rebels Toed the Line

The opposition decided not to reveal its numbers in the Dewan Rakyat after a group of Umno MPs decided not to derail the Budget 2021 during the first of a series of votes.

Questions Raised as Most Opposition MPs Opt Against Individual Vote on Budget

The decision by the majority of opposition MPs to opt against an individual vote for the passing of the budget has raised questions.

Covid-19: 935 New Cases, 2,555 Recoveries

Malaysia recorded 935 new Covid-19 infections on Thursday (Nov 26).

Anwar Made Last-Minute Call to Not Back Division Vote on Budget

Anwar Ibrahim told his bloc to stand down moments before a division vote, taken by having each side stand up to be counted.

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