A Hoax About a Hoax

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Some hoaxes resurface time and again through the span of years. Here’s one that comes and goes, and it’s quite an odd one.

  • Non-existent ‘Sonia Disowns Rahul’ video
  • Hoax warning itself a hoax

You receive an alert that you should not accept the video ‘Sonia Disowns Rahul‘ because it contains a malicious virus and urges you to forward the message to your entire contact list. Seen it before, right? It even claims to have been announced on the radio. So, glad that you’ve averted the risk of infecting your phone with a nasty virus, well-meaning you do as the message encouraged and share it with your contacts.

Now comes the moment of truth. There’s no such video out there! Neither is there any record of any radio station making such an announcement nor any news articles about the dangers of the video. Not even any warning issued by any anti-virus company. Nada.

The only mentions about ‘Sonia Disowns Rahul’ are the circulated warnings themselves of the non-existent video and virus.

The origin of the hoax message could be as harmless as a prank by someone with nothing better to do but the fact that it urges recipients to forward it to all their contacts has a sinister undertone – likely an attempt to steal your phone contacts, or worse.

So, be careful of hoax messages about a hoax!