Did You Register Your Touch ‘n Go Card?

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When you lose your TNG card, all’s not lost.

  • Cancel, ask for refund
  • Register online, hassle-free

You may not know that you can register your Touch ‘n Go card and the benefits of doing so such as when you lose it. This is what happened to Kevin, a reader of The True Net, and we think it is useful to share it with you.

“I lost my tng card yesterday. Had about 50 bucks in it. I knew I dropped it. Oh well, life. Was gonna forget about it. Then I went online and read about lost tng cards. If the card is registered, you can block the card and ask for a refund,” Kevin stated in his message to us.

“So I went online and registered my card with the mfg number I got from the last top-up receipt. Tadaa. There was a history. Someone did pick up my card and checked the balance at the station where I lost it. He must have been so happy to have picked up 50 bucks.

“Now that my card was already registered, I called up tng. Asked them to cancel the card, did a verification and now the refund is on the way.

“Poor fella. Suddenly realising the 50 bucks windfall gone!” Kevin said.

It’s wise to register, especially in tough times like these when every ringgit counts. Nowadays, Touch ‘n Go is as good as cash!

You can register online at http://www.touchngo.com.my.