Adib Inquest: Expert Challenges Those Contradicting Him That Injuries Not from Assault

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Hit by online slurs in the wake of a “nurse” disputing his testimony, pathologist Dr Ahmad Hafizam has urged those who claim they have more information on the cause of Muhammad Adib Muhd Kassim’s death to come and testify at the fireman’s inquest.

In a post on Facebook, a supposed nurse at the National Heart Institute where Adib was warded disputed Ahmad’s testimony on how Adib could have suffered fatal injuries during the Seafield temple riots.

The woman known as “Cik Miera” alleged that she saw Adib covered with bruises which were consistent with an assault, which countered Ahmad’s court testimony.

Last Friday, the forensics expert from Hospital Kuala Lumpur testified that the fireman’s injuries were more likely caused by the impact of a vehicle hitting him, as opposed to being beaten.

“If all staff involved can give a statement, I’m the first who will stand up and say that it is not by accident.

“We saw his face, we saw the bruises all over his body and so many things I can’t even tell here.

“We are not blind, and so (sic) you – a doctor should have a big heart, but for you, I just see a heartless human,” the woman wrote in reference to Ahmad’s earlier testimony.

Asked by DPP Hamdan Hamzah to comment on the post, Ahmad said: “In the wake of this post, I have been insulted with harsh words, and labelled a liar. But I did not respond on Facebook.


“I don’t want to comment on it… We are here to find the truth.

“If anyone has any other information on this, that I didn’t find during my examination. I ask that the coroner get them to come to court to give their information.”

The woman has since retracted her post.

Ahmad said today that his examination of Adib’s remains did not uncover any sign that the firefighter had been physically assaulted during the riot.

“I have found no injuries to the face of the deceased, whether during the clinical examination or during the postmortem.

“Whatever injuries we have found during the postmortem or the clinical examination have been documented accordingly,” he said.

He added that he made his statements to the court based on his examinations and what he deemed to be the most likely possibility.

Adib passed away on Dec 17 after succumbing to injuries sustained on the night of the riots. The inquest was ordered after two conflicting versions of his cause of death emerged.

One version claimed he was hit by a vehicle, while the other said he was beaten up by a mob.

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