After Ordeal, Rameli Laments How Some People Lack Integrity, Manners

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Thrown under the bus, with those he helped keeping their silence and distance.

KTMB chairman Datuk Rameli Musa, who was grilled by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency over the RM1.4mil cheque PAS reportedly paid to Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle Brown, has voiced his frustration at the hoo-ha over the financial help he allegedly extended to PAS.

According to a reliable source, Rameli lamented the way some people behaved over the whole deal.

“Rameli says that he is sad that some are lacking in integrity, intellectuality, good manners and even spirituality. For now, he is all right,” added the source.

And on a Facebook posting on Tuesday (March 5), his wife Norlella Md Akram said that there had only been silence from those whom her husband helped.

Norlella Md Akram posted pictures of herself and her husband’s secretary accompanying Rameli at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in Putrajaya.

“Pray for the man we love. God wants to raise him higher. Is Islam a religion that tells us to abandon those who helped us and got into trouble because of the help he gave us?“There has been no sympathy or queries as to how we are doing from the ones helped. The truth will prevail,” said Norlella.

The RM1.4mil cheque is said to have been paid to settle the suit between Hadi and Rewcastle Brown.

In 2017, Hadi sued Rewcastle Brown for libel in London over an August 2016 Sarawak Report article alleging that PAS received RM90mil to guarantee its support for Umno and Barisan Nasional.

She filed a counterclaim in October 2017 and on Feb 1 this year, and Hadi opted for an out-of-court settlement.

Both Hadi and Rewcastle Brown deny breaching the confidentiality agreement in the settlement.

Last Friday, Rewcastle Brown published documents to prove that PAS paid for the settlement after the Islamist party denied that there was any such payment.

However, PAS continues to stand by its statement that neither the party nor its president paid anything to Rewcastle Brown, despite the latter’s lawyer saying the cheque from PAS had been cleared. – The Star

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