Apandi: I never ordered 1MDB, SRC probe to be closed

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Former attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali told the High Court that he never ordered investigations into Najib Razak’s 1MDB and SRC International cases to be “closed”, even those that were classified as “no further action”.

Testifying in his lawsuit against DAP’s Lim Kit Siang, Apandi said any investigators could have reopened the probe if any new evidence had surfaced.

“I challenge Lim to show that I had closed the investigations and disallowed further investigations into both 1MDB and SRC International cases,” he said.

Apandi sued Lim over the latter’s 2019 statement, “Dangerous fallacy to think Malaysia is on the road to integrity”.

He claimed the DAP supremo’s statement depicted him as someone who is immoral and unethical, without integrity, and practised double standards while holding the position of attorney-general.

Apandi also said that throughout his 47 years in the civil service, legal practice and judiciary, he had never committed any wrongdoing. He said he had never “abetted or aided” anyone related to 1MDB or SRC International.

To a question from Lim’s lawyer Ramkarpal Singh on whether investigations into 1MDB, SRC International had been completed as early as December 2015, Apandi denied the contention.

“Investigations were never completed even until the day I left the AG Chambers.


“Whatever it is, I made the decision (to clear Najib of wrongdoing under the MACC Act and Penal Code) based on evidence that Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission had during the material time,” he said, referring to his Jan 26, 2016 press conference.

Ramkarpal then pressed Apandi about a news report that claimed the then AG refused to act on MACC review panel’s recommendation to press charges against Najib.

Ramkarpal: This report was quite damaging and Lim Chee Wee alleged you did not act upon the fact that RM42 million had entered the former prime minister’s bank account. You were given a chance to respond, but you did not.

Apandi: I was of the opinion it was not worth responding to.

Ramkarpal said the defendant would be calling Chee Wee, a former MACC review panel member and senior lawyer, to testify later.

I’m no longer with Umno since 1990s, says Apandi

Apandi also told the court that he left Umno during the 1990s, after he became an active member of the Malaysian Bar.

“I never rejoined Umno and I have nothing to do with them now. I also turned down the party’s offer to be a supreme council member,” he said, in responding to Ramkarpal’s contention that Apandi was still with Umno.

Ramkarpal had pointed out that Apandi joined Umno in the 1980s and represented the party in election petition cases.

Apandi added that although he held the position as Umno disciplinary board chairman from 2018 to 2019, he did not rejoin the party.

“The disciplinary board chairman does not need to be an Umno member,” he said. He said he quit as board chairman after party president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi allegedly interfered with the disciplinary board’s duties.

The hearing continues before High Court Judge Azimah Omar tomorrow. – FMT