Bogus Dentist Condemned by Social Media Users

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An unrepentant fake dentist has riled netizens, while NGOs downplay their involvement in helping her raise funds to settle her court fine and professional bodies express concern over sending the wrong message to the public.

  • PPIM claims did not fork out a single sen
  • PPEIM claims only contributed a small amount
  • She lied about approval from Health Ministry, support from its officials
  • Poured scorn on those who complained about her
  • Labelled a scammer and arrogant by social media users

 In response to criticism levelled at the Malaysian Muslim Consumers’ Association (PPIM), the NGO denied claims it raised funds to help pay a RM70,000 fine imposed by the court on a bogus dentist.

Nur Farahanis Ezatty Adli was found guilty on Sept 29 by the Melaka Sessions Court for running an unregistered private dental clinic.

Muhammad Hatim Ab Manan

She was found to have learned her dentistry techniques that she practised on friends and family from YouTube.

On Oct 6, she was released from the Sungai Udang prison after serving only six days out of her six-month jail sentence for failing to pay the fine.

It was reported that the RM70,000 fundraising campaign to settle her fine also involved the Malaysia Islamic Economic Activist Organisation (PPEIM).

The purported role of NGOs in the fundraising drew flak from social media users and professional bodies.

“Our question is, why is the public so mad at us? What did we do that they are condemning us? The thing is, you must understand the issue. Even professionals are hitting out on us,” PPIM’s lead activist Nadzim Johan was quoted as saying by The Sun.

He claimed that PPIM did not fork out even a single sen and only offered some advice to the family and Nur Farahanis’ lawyer.

He added that while he acknowledged that the woman’s actions were wrong, the public should not act as a judge and condemn others who had helped raise the funds to settle the fine, the report said.

Claiming that PPEIM only contributed a small sum, its chairman Zamri Zainon was quoted as saying: “The RM70,000 was raised in less than 24 hours due to a huge donation from a motorcycle club.”

In a statement signed by 10 dental groups, the Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) said the profession was saddened by the lack of awareness on the seriousness of “fake dentistry”.

They pointed out that dentistry in Malaysia was regulated under the Dental Act 1971 and it was illegal for unregistered individuals to provide any form of dental treatment.

They urged the public to ensure the dentist treating them is registered with the Malaysian Dental Council.

Earlier, the New Straits Times reported that the Malaysian Association of Orthodontists (MAO) said the fund-raising campaign sends the wrong message to the public.

It was also reported that Bar Council president George Varughese said it was the prerogative of the public prosecutor (PP) whether or not to appeal or enhance Nor Farahanis’ sentence within 14 days from the sentence date, if it decided that it was inadequate.

“The PP will take into account the nature and gravity of the offence and the mitigating factors in deciding whether or not it is in the public interest to appeal against a light sentence,” he told The Sun.


Going by the handle of ‘Naraswaraa’ on Instagram, Nur Farahanis has almost 12,000 followers who check in for updates on the ‘dental’ services she offered.

Social media users who hit out at those involved in helping to “free” her and supporting her illegal dentistry practice were irked by her unrepentant attitude and scornful comments of people who complain about her, saying that they had actually brought her more fame, riches and success.

In one of her Instagram posts, Nur Farahanis thanked the Health Ministry for supporting her through her ordeal and claimed her business was approved by the ministry.

“Thank you to everyone who always supported me, those who tried to bring me down, and made false reports. 

“Now, everything is approved and the authority has been given to only me in Malaysia,” she wrote in the caption accompanying a 45-second video.

In the caption, she expressed her gratitude to Deputy Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya and his private secretary Aziaan Ariffin.

“Thank you to those involved and also thank you to those who tried to bring me down for making me better known, richer and more successful,” she said in the video.

Dr Hilmi has since denied that he or anyone from his ministry had given their support to the bogus dentist, following netizens’ reacted with disgust that she had lied.

Nur Farahanis is said to have several jobs, among them part-time waitress at a restaurant, crew member of an outdoor catering agency and perfume seller along Sungai Melaka.

Taking to Facebook and Twitter, the public lashed out in disdain for the 20-year-old who hails from Alor Setar but studies in a Melaka vocational school.

Facebook user Zaim Abdul Aziz, who reposted Nur Farahanis’ video wrote: “She said thank you to those who brought her down. We are not bringing you down, we’re trying to save the community from being cheated.” 

(Dental Scammer)Dia ucap terima kasih pada sesiapa yang menjatuhkan dia. Kitaorng bukan jatuhkan kau, kitaorang cuba selamatkan masyarakat dari penipuan.Pakai ayat Kaya & Berjaya, tak kira halal haram.Kredit : Zaim Abdul Aziz

Posted by Kucing senyum on Saturday, October 7, 2017

Another user Nadia Mohd Sahar wrote: “This Farahanis is so arrogant. Hope she repents. Your name is now known in our world.”

FB user Noor Rumaizah Binti Muhammed criticised a video by Nur Farahanis shot outside a government building, showing arrogance after she posted her fine.

“Such a show off. Congratulations. You are the best scammer because you managed to get others to serve your sentence and even pay for the court fine. Meanwhile, you save your own money to open another business,” she wrote.

Noor Rumaizah also urged the public to boycott all services provided by her in the same post.

Instagram user BlindOwl denounced the fake dentist, saying her actions were not only irresponsible but could have cost the life of someone, if something had gone wrong.

An FB user from Kluang, INi bl0G d0d0l condemned the student who he described as a sweet talker.

He wrote, “The way she talks, even an elephant will fall. It’s obvious that you don’t have expertise in dentistry, but (you) still want to open a clinic of your own. Other people study really hard.

“You have the cheek to drag in the names of ministry officials?” he wrote on his page.

Another FB user, ili binti zarov wrote that the case will not deter other scammers from carrying on with their illegal activities. She said it was a shame that the dentist had allegedly received help from an NGO to pay off her court fine when the money could have been used for a better cause.

“This is a bad precedent. When this happens, our war against the public being victimised by uncertified medical practitioners and being taken advantage of, just goes to a waste,” she wrote on the Pseudoscience Watch wall on a social networking site.