Shocking and Sad Video: Family of Five Mowed Down by Truck

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Footage of a horrific accident has gone viral on social media where a family of six is hit by a speeding pickup truck, sparing only the life of one small child.

With very little information on the incident, it is believed the tragic accident occurred in Liuyang, China.

A family of six is seen walking on a road shoulder when suddenly, a speeding pickup truck slams into them, scattering and throwing the party of six in different directions.

A young child, who appears to be a boy, is grazed by the truck but does not seem to be hurt.

He picks himself up and appears in a daze, looking around helplessly at his perished loved ones lying on the ground.

Not gory but horrific because of the brutal mowing down of the family, viewer discretion of the video is advised.

What breaks the heart is the child, lost and forlorn standing alone in the midst of the carnage.

The parents and three children, believed to be a boy and two girls, were reportedly killed at the scene.

After hitting the family, the truck stopped a short distance away.

According to unverified information, the driver, believed to be the man in the picture below, was texting on his handphone when he ploughed into the family.