Cops shoot down Chegubard’s conspiracy theory over ‘Jom Ziarah’ probe

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Police today shot down a conspiracy theory by a Bersatu leader who claimed that there is an attempt to cover up Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh’s wrongdoings in its probe into the “Jom Ziarah Gereja” programme.

Sentul district police chief Beh Eng Lai told Malaysiakini that police officers conduct their investigations fairly and without prejudice, regardless of their racial background.

This came after Badrul Hisham Shaharin – better known as Chegubard – brought up the race of police officers who were tasked to handle investigations into reports lodged by him and Yeoh against each other.

“The claim is wrong. It was only a coincidence. And police conduct investigations in a fair manner and the race of the officer or complainant has no influence in our probe,” Beh said when contacted this morning.


“We also have senior investigating officers, district Criminal Investigation Department chiefs and district police chiefs, the majority of them are Malays, to monitor the process of investigations,” he added.

Yesterday, Badrul told reporters outside the Sentul police headquarters that he believed there was a conspiracy to cover up the minister’s wrongdoings.

This was based on the race of the police officers who took his and Yeoh’s respective complaints against each other, he reportedly said.

“It is unlikely that it is a coincidence that both officers are non-Muslims.

“But I am confident that this was not a decision of the police force but instead pressure from above,” he reportedly told reporters before going into the police premises for questioning.

Badrul had previously accused Yeoh of Christian evangelism over the planned “Jom Ziarah Gereja” event.

The planned visit to a church was part of a wider programme where youths would be brought to different houses of worship to foster better understanding.

Yeoh, however, denied the evangelism charge and lodged a police report against Badrul.

Yeoh also clarified that no Muslim youths had been involved in the programme.

The planned church visit – which was supposed to happen last weekend – was subsequently cancelled. – Malaysiakini