DAP Issues 48-Hour Ultimatum to JJPTR

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DAP’s Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng has given JJPTR founder Johnson Lee 48 hours to either lodge a police report over the alleged hacking of the company’s accounts or come forward to explain the reported RM500 million loss.

  • Questions raised on why Lee not filing police report
  • Suspicion of hacking job being an excuse
  • Office closed, nobody from JJPTR turned up to meet with DAP team
  • Lim warned of further action if JJPTR did not respond within 48 hours

Speaking at a press conference at Alam Damai, Bandar Tun Razak today, Lim said that if a large amount of money had been stolen, the correct thing to do would be to file a police report.

“But Johnson Lee asked his investors not to lodge a police report and he himself said he will not lodge a police report,” Lim said. “Why?”

Lim said that he could think of a few possibilities such as Lee was covering up for his girlfriend, family members or company shareholders, who could have stolen the money and Lee made the excuse the computer system was hacked. Lim added that it was possible Lee himself took the money and made up the hacked RM500 million claim.

Lim conceded that it was also possible that the accounts were hacked into and for reasons known to Lee and unknown to others, he refused to get the authorities such as the police and MCMC to investigate the hacking.

Lim, his assistant Yew Jia Haur and Selangor DAP committee member Ronnie Liu were supposed to meet JJPTR’s representatives at the company’s office. He said he gave JJPTR, Lee, Lee’s father, the biggest shareholders and the management ample notice by personally private messaging them through Facebook. However, the office was closed and no one from JJPTR was present.

Lim said that they were there to protect the interest of the investors under the JJPTR scheme. Mocking the initials of Lee’s company, JJPTR, which stand for ‘jie jiu pu tong ren’, meaning ‘salvation for the common people’ in Mandarin, Lim called his team ‘ZZJJPTR’ or ‘true saviours for the common people’ in Mandarin.

Lim also issued an ultimatum: “We give JJPTR 48 hours to show themselves at the police station, meaning I want Johnson Lee or anyone from the management of JJPTR to lodge a police report over the stolen RM500 million. If they refuse or fail to lodge any police report or come to us to discuss the matter, we will take further action with the authorities.”

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