Don’t be Fooled by ‘Good Luck’ Lottery Scams

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A saleswoman is RM5,728 poorer after she was duped by a ‘good luck’ lottery scam.

The woman, who wishes to be known as Ong, today said she came across a Facebook post that claimed that it could help her change her luck.

Amirul Syafiq Mohd Din/Sunpix

Ong sent a private message and was told to provide her date of birth, full name and employment details to a man who alleged to be a “sifu”.

The “sifu” who identified himself as Ah Chan said he was based at a temple in Tumpat, Kelantan. He claimed Ong was surrounded by spirits and backstabbers which were affecting her life.

Through their telephone exchanges over two months, she said Ah Chan convinced her to purchase four lotus candles which he would light. He would also mail her a small yellow cloth that had Thai words imprinted on it.

He also mailed her a four-digit number (4679) to buy and that lucky tip cost RM600.

Ong did not strike a win with the number and decided to try her luck again. She said Ah Chan asked for RM2,520 to help and told her to purchase another ticket using 5199.

She did not win the second time either and decided to find the man in Tumpat. According to her, Ah Chan’s apprentice told her that she would have a spate of back luck if she insisted on the visit.

Ong said there was no temple when she went there. Further attempts to contact the sifu went unanswered.

She decided to raise her troubles to MCA Public Services and Complaints Department Head Datuk Seri Michael Chong.

Chong said the public continued to be fooled by these “good fortune” scams despite being urged not to participate in them. He added that there were six similar cases on record at the department. – The Sun