DPM Says Nothing Criminal in Relationship Between IGP and Protection Racket Suspect

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Malaysia’s top cop admits he and his family know Gopi, the main suspect in a major protection racket involving officers in Melaka.

  • IGP says not aware what Gopi was involved in
  • Gopi suspected to be main conduit for bribes to Melaka policemen and running vice activities
  • Sarawak Report editor not guaranteed safe passage if she comes to Malaysia

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says there is nothing criminal in the relationship between Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar and the main suspect in the protection money racket in Melaka.

He said it was normal for a police officer to know many people.

“Do not link Khalid to the case,” he said.

Khalid admitted that he and his family knew the suspect after Sarawak Report news portal on Monday claimed that the main suspect in a major protection racket involving officers in Melaka had close links and direct contact with Khalid, his son, 26, and his brother-in-law.

He said that although they knew the main suspect, he was not aware of what the man was involved in.

“Anyone who knows me and my family knows that if they do something illegal they will have to answer for it.

“Many people have my phone number and contact me throughout the day. I do not know all the people who contact me,” he added.

Khalid said that he would not collude in any illegal activity and would cooperate fully if the allegations of his family’s involvement in unlawful activities were investigated.

Singapore daily Straits Times reported that Malaysiakini quoted Khalid saying: “Unless it can be proven that I had benefited, be it in the form of money or otherwise, from the illegal activities perpetrated by these individuals, then there is nothing left to say.

“Yes, there is the issue of perception. But perception is not tantamount to guilt.”

Gopinathan Krishnan, 50, is suspected of being the main conduit for bribes to Melaka policemen and of running vice activities, including gambling and prostitution, in Melaka.

Gopinathan, better known as Gopi, was one of 13 suspects arrested in an operation called Ops Gapi last month.

Khalid’s brother-in-law Mohd Isa allegedly runs a business selling firearms and accessories called Nilai Arms. It was previously reported that Khalid’s daughter holds a majority share in this business.

According to Khalid, the London-based Sarawak Report was targeting him in order to tarnish his name and the image of the police force.

He said Sarawak Report editor Claire Rewcastle-Brown should come to Malaysia and prove all the allegations she had made through her whistleblower website.

However, he said he could not guarantee her safe passage.

“If she wants to come, let her come and prove whatever accusations she has made,” he said.