Emotions Run High Among Supporters as Najib Becomes First Ex-PM to Be Convicted in Malaysia

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Supporters of former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak who was found guilty this morning to all seven charges related to RM42 million of SRC International Shd Bhd funds expressed disappointment and claimed they saw the decision coming.

While maintaining they accepted the decision, they also warned that this could trigger stronger calls for a snap election, claiming they will emerge stronger as many parliamentarians and even members of the public will be unhappy.

It was unclear if they were aware that Najib’s conviction today meant he would not be able to defend his Pekan seat if a general election were to be called now, even if his sentence is stayed pending appeal.

Wanita Umno secretary, Datuk Rosni Sohar who represented the wing told Malay Mail outside of the court complex minutes after Najib was found guilty that she wanted him to appeal.

“We accept the decision, but we are sad and unhappy. Out of the seven charges, not even one Najib won. Which to me, this is impossible.

Thasha Jayamanogaran

“This will now have an impact to other MPs in parliament and will trigger stronger calls for snap elections.

“We don’t want these ‘magical hands’ interfering. It’s so dangerous what’s happening to us in the name of law. We want him (Najib) to appeal because we are confident the decision will be overturned and he can win,” she said.

Meanwhile, former Umno supreme council member Datuk Lokman Noor Adam told Malay Mail he was not surprised with the decision, claiming he saw it coming three months ago.

He then challenged the current government under Perikatan Nasional to hold an early general election.

“Dissolve the Parliament and you will see what will happen. I also think Umno and other MPs got to do something. It’s time for them to show that they have some balls,” he said without elaborating further.

“Umno is the biggest party under BN. If this can happen to our former prime minister, what else can you hope from this government.

“If not because of Najib, current prime minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin couldn’t have become prime minister.

Emmanuel Santa Maria Chin

“I’m very upset. I thought to save the government he (Muhyiddin) will not interfere. This is his decision instructed by Tun Mahathir. He made his own calculation and, of course, with the help of Dr Mahathir,” a seemingly furious Lokman said.

Meanwhile, Malay Mail observed some of the women supporters crying at the entrance of the courthouse after the decision was delivered while the others were seen chanting, “Hidup Bossku” as usual.

Malay Mail also spoke to another supporter dressed in blue who did not identify himself, seemed excited from the verdict.

The supporter playfully said “Padan Muka Najib”, (serves Najib right), indicating he was clueless why he was there with the group of supporters.

When further pressed on his sentiments and why he had come, the supporter appeared in a daze saying he was just following his friends.

Other supporters too who earlier were enthusiastic in displaying their support for Najib, were lost for words as they refused to comment on his fate.

Supporters, most of whom were donning blue “Bossku” T-shirts, instead remained mum when approached for a reaction of the verdict, a stark contrast to the eagerness portrayed earlier. – MMO