Focus on Warding off WannaCry Attack Not Hoaxes

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As it is getting harder by the hour to discern the true from the false, The True Net has compiled a list of the tips circulating amid the current ransomware attack and identified the legitimate from the hoaxes.

Essential tips:

  • Don’t open email attachments and links from unknown senders
  • Disable SMB in Windows
  • Back up your files on external hard drive not connected to Internet

The current ransomware attack where a virus called WannaCry takes over computers and demands US$300 to unlock the data is real.

However, many of the warning messages on social media and messaging apps to guard against the attack are fake.


  • Don’t open email attachments that you are not expecting, sent by unknown senders, or have unusual extensions
  • Hover your cursor over a link to see the address – for instance, or – and if it is not correct or looks suspicious, don’t open it
  • Don’t download an app that hasn’t been verified by an official store, and do read reviews before installing programmes
  • Apply security patches to Windows systems as mentioned in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010.
  • Keep anti-virus software updated and scan files regularly
  • Disable SMB in Windows

  • ¬†Back up your files on an external hard drive that isn’t connected to the Internet


  • Messages circulating about ATMs being shut due to the ransomware attack and those warning people against doing online transactions are almost certainly hoaxes, as security experts say that ATMs are safe for now.
  • Resurfaced hoaxes adding more anxiety to the current ransomware attack include messages warning people against opening a video called ‘Dance of the Hillary‘. The message claims that this was also announced on BBC radio. The message is actually an edited version of an older hoax.
  • Another message with similar language has the video in question titled ‘Sonia Disowns Rahul’.
  • Yet another rendition of the message has the name of the video as ‘Dance of Pope‘.
  • Also re-emerging is the purported ‘breaking news’ of ‘Donald Trump arrested’.