The Recent ‘Death’ of Avril Lavigne

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The Avril Lavigne death hoax just won’t die, being resurrected again last weekend.

  • Theory of Lavigne committing suicide in 2003
  • Look-alike masquerading as Lavigne
  • A deliberate hoax to prove how easy it is to start a big Internet conspiracy theory

The hoax, along with a conspiracy theory that she died in 2003 and was replaced by a look-alike, resurfaced last weekend.

If you aren’t familiar with the theory, the gist of it is that Lavigne, who was at the peak of her career, committed suicide after her grandfather’s death in 2003. Rather than coming to terms with what had happened, Lavigne’s record company used Melissa Vandella – Lavigne’s look-alike who was supposedly hired to pose as the singer for paparazzi – in Lavigne’s place to profit off the star.

As the story goes, Vandella recorded ‘Under My Skin‘ as Lavigne and from then on it has been Vandella masquerading as Lavigne.

The problem is, the Lavigne death conspiracy was an “inside joke” originating from Brazil and went on to become a big hoax to prove how easy it is to start a big Internet conspiracy theory! If more people read Buzzfeed writer Ryan Broderick’s article titled ‘Here’s How I Accidentally Made an Old Avril Lavigne Death Hoax Go Viral‘, perhaps the hoax can finally be put to rest.

Back to last weekend, Twitter user @givenchyass brought the conspiracy theory back to life with a long thread explaining it all and it has gone viral with over 100,000 retweets.